Minerva Group

Fire Safety Engineering & Consulting Services
Minerva came to us with a common problem we see - they knew what they were about but couldn't quite figure out how to tell other people that story, through their brand, website and marketing channels. We took these fearless fire safety engineers to new heights with a full rebrand, website rebuild and a marketing overhaul that's left their competition for dead.


About Minerva Group

When Minerva came to us, they were growing and so was their reputation as a company of fearless fire safety engineers.

The problem? Their brand wasn’t reflecting who they were, what they stood for or the high level of quality and care they brought to every single job.

They needed an overhaul – from the ground up!

The challenge

As a small but mighty team of fire safety engineers, Minerva had a lot of ideas about what they stood for and what was important to them and why they were so good at creating profitable projects for their clients.

What they lacked was a clear and cohesive brand position that could communicate that quickly and easily.

The challenge lay in capturing the essence of their business into a meaningful brand, web and marketing presence that could be integrated seamlessly across the organisation.

The Solution

The brand solution for Minerva involved bringing to the fore the bold, fearless and heroic brand personality that underpins how they show up for their clients and conduct their work. 

By showcasing these unique and engaging elements, the Minerva brand is now a stand out in it’s industry.

Add in a full collateral overhaul (from email signatures to proposal documents), a custom website rebuild and ongoing marketing strategy implementation – and you’re left with a brand that’s been built to last. 

The brand files

Tagline: Function. Form. Fearless 

Brand Archetype: The Hero

Visual style: Vivid, professional, authentic

Tone of voice: Direct, empowering, engaging

Favourite value: “Find the fun (hint: it’s everywhere)”

“Great service. Great people. Really happy with the work they did for us. Beth and Luke were great to work with and helped us extract and refine the vision for Minerva. Highly recommend.”

Eliot Reeves, Director, Minerva Group

Making marketing magic

When Minerva decided to burn everything to the ground and start again – they really frickin’ meant it.  That included everything from their their proposals and cap statements to their social media pages and posts. We’ve been working with them to bring the unique magic of their brand into every single communication channel – with some pretty visually compelling results.

The outcome

With Minerva committing to ongoing marketing as part of their brand refresh, the numbers have been pretty clear that their investment and efforts have been worth it!