Email marketing

Email marketing

Email marketing is the most powerful form of marketing to exist. Let us show you how to turn your email list into dollar signs.

We all write emails everyday – but do you know how to write one that 40% of people open? And 16% of people click on? Cause… we do. Email marketing it a huge asset just waiting for you to tap into its potential. Stuck wondering how exactly you do that? Don’t worry, we’ve got you.

Email design

An eye-catching design is an easy way to stand out in a cluttered inbox – and a surefire way to make sure you get that click through to your landing page!

Email marketing automation

Email marketing automation is a killer (and in our humble opinion) majorly underrated way to nurture and care for the prospects in your pipeline, and turn your email list from warm leads to piping hot ones.

Email marketing copy

Email is a marketing medium where copy matters a hell of a lot – your email subject line and preview alone are 80c of your marketing dollar spent – so it pays to know how to use them well!

Email marketing strategy

Without a strategy you’re flying blind and email is no different – with the right strategic approach in place, your email marketing can become your most profitable and purposeful channel!

Our email marketing process.

Strategy always comes first – knowing your goals is the best way to make sure we tackle email in the right way for you!

After we know your strategy we can hit design (if needed) copy (ALWAYS needed) and add automations as and when they make sense.

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