User Experience

User Experience

Creating a good user experience might sound easy but it’s actually an art form mixed with a science that’s worth investing in if you want your potential clients to actually stick around on your website long enough to convert!

By understanding and prioritising what your users actually want to see and do on your website, you can guarantee them a good experience through a predictable, reassuring and easy time – which is what helps them to know, like and trust you. If epic design is the goal, then user experience is the way there.

User Research

Through user research, you go from using assumptions (which, spoiler alert, aren’t that accurate) to using data to make decisions about what will best serve your clients.

UX Wireframing

UX wireframes – like blueprints – showcase the layout of the website, before any design elements are added, to make sure the coming design will work functionally as well as visually.

Information Architecture (IA)

Your user research will lead you to the ideal design of your information architecture, which is the structure of the content on your site, along with configuring the layering, linking and labelling in the system.

User Testing

Testing is the final, but certainly not the least important UX element. Validating your research through testing of your prototype is key for ensuring ultimate usability.

Our UX process.

UX can be bigger than Ben Hurr or the simple act of wire framing and requirements scoping. We can tailor our UX process to your timeframe, budget and needs.

Even just testing with 5 users is enough to get tangible, actionable results! With the skills and expertise to walk you through a full UX experience or a scaled back one, we will always ensure your website meets the minimum requirement for optimal user experiences.

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