Branding + Strategy

The Brand Builder Method

Re-constructing brands
from the ground-up -
in 3 months.

A 3 month intensive, facilitated, process for founders and directors of B2B, professional services companies ready to double their traffic, followers, engagement and leads.

For brands who want results (that don’t suck).

Hear from brands we’ve built

“We absolutely love working with the Firesauce team! Between their deep sector expertise and their incredible energy, it makes taking on such a daunting task fun and exciting.

We undertook a complete name change, branding, collateral, website and everything in between. The team are extremely flexible to work with, and at all times find the perfect balance between driving an outcome and providing the space for you to make these big decisions.”

Brendan Thomas

“Great service.

Great people.

Really happy with the work they did for us.

Beth and Luke were great to work with and helped us extract and refine the vision for Minerva.

Highly recommend.”

Eliot Reeves,
Minerva Group

“We recently contacted Firesauce as we were wanting to do a complete rebrand with our website.

We can honestly say we are in love and proud of the final product!

We can not fault the service, the knowledge, the patience, their personalities and their ongoing support.

Luke and Beth thank YOU BOTH.”

Marina Papalia,
Papalia Build and Design

Your brand sucks.

You deliver exceptional results and above-and-beyond services to your clients – but your brand isn’t saying that.

It’s giving cheap, cheerful and humdrum – and you’re pretty sure it’s turning more people away than it’s converting.

The truth is, you’re a lot more than a 5 year old logo that you never really fell in love with and a template website full of stock imagery an intern banged together in 2 weeks.

And it’s time to start looking like it.

It’s time to build your brand into something that will leave your clients impressed, your suppliers in awe & your competitors with their jaws on the floor.

The Brand Builder demands more from your brand - and from you.

The Brand Builder is a high-intensity experience that demands discomfort and brutal honesty about where your business is right now.

You’ll answer hard questions.
You’ll do some soul searching.
You’ll have some tight deadlines.

It’s all designed to equip you with the brand, website and marketing machine you actually need to become an unstoppable force capable of dominating your industry in scale and impact.

We’ll be right beside you every step of the way lending our strategy, design and marketing expertise – but make no mistake that this process will require your time, energy and commitment to get right.

The Brand Builder Method

Our bespoke, done-with-you methodology for creating killer brand strategies that scale and convert is a step-by-step process that covers the most important steps for figuring out who the hell you actually are – so you can start sharing that magic with the world instead of keeping it a secret only your staff and existing clients get to know.

Industry snapshot

Understanding the broader industry, general landscape, and your direct competitors, are critical first steps for deciding how you’re going to stand out.

Brand evaluation

Next we turn the magnifying glass on your current brand. It can get uncomfortable but it’s so important to first look as where you are so you can figure out where you’re going.

Audience profiling

Understanding your ideal client, customer and audience is the next step - because if your brand doesn’t solve their hairiest problems then what the heck is this all for?!

Your brand archetype

In finding your brand archetype we aim to figure out what your brands ‘personality’ would be if it were a person - because to your customers, it kinda is.

Logo design

Your logo - or visual identity as we like to call it - is the fun part. We provide you with a suite of options to choose from an refine, refine, refine until you’re left with the perfect logo for your levelled-up brand.

Grand slam offer

After figuring out who you are and what you look like, we figure out the unique, core offer that presents that best to the world - and turn it into a killer piece of content that positions you as a cut above your competition.

Sales process mapping

Once you've got an offer so damn good, that people will feel stupid saying no, we make mind mapping a thing of beauty, by turning your sales process into a scaleable and repeatable piece of your marketing puzzle.

Website design + prototyping

We then move on to building you new online home that shows the world exactly who you are that you mean business. Our custom, UX focused process provides one-of-kind website designs to help you stand out.

Website development​

We won’t bore you with the techno-jargon - but we will build you a fast, fierce and easy-as-heck to use website that is hugely scalable and incredibly user-friendly on both the front and back ends!

SEO set-up

We like to get down with Google Analytics, Search Console, keyword research, meta descriptions, alt tags and more - and when we give your site the royal SEO treatment, that's exactly what we do!

Lead magnets + launch

Once you're ready and aimed it's time to fire, with an all out launch campaign that includes email marketing, a social media makeover, teaser posts, launch posts, and a slick lead magnet to tie it all together.

Support + marketing

Our ongoing support can range from hosting to maintenance and updates, all the way to weaving marketing magic on the reg' - let us double your reach, followers and email open rates - and that's just in the first 3 months.

Who we work with

Founders and directors of B2B, service based businesses

Businesses operating in the construction, NFP & auto industries

Small businesses, with 5-100 staff, doing $500k - $50M

Driven, ambitious, high-level action-takers

Founders ready to take feedback designed to maximise scale and impact

Your time in The Brand Builder

MONTH 1: Brand
MONTH 2: Website
MONTH 3: Launch

Meet your brand mentors


Luke is a brand expert with 15+ years of design and UX experience that sits alongside his skillset of custom website development. Your brand and website couldn’t be in better hands.

Specialties: Brand design, User Experience, graphic design, website design, website development, E-commerce


Beth has spent the last decade helping businesses get clear on who they are, who they serve and how to share that with the world.

Specialties: Brand Strategy, Email Marketing, Social media marketing, Content strategy, Copywriting, Personal Brand Building

Ready to rebuild?

We take 2 clients a month through The Brand Builder Method. Apply if you’re ready to change the trajectory of your brand. 


How much time will I need to commit to this process?

Launching a full rebrand in 3 months is no small feat. Make no mistake – it will require you to be dedicated to and focused on working ON the business instead of in it for this time period.

As a rough guide you will need to commit at least 2-4 hours a week for the duration of the 3 months.

You will have lifetime access to the resources in your portal. You will have 3 months access to Beth and Luke, while ongoing access is dependent on the level of ongoing service selected.

We cap the number of brands we take through the method to 2 per month ensure we can give every founder the attention they need to scale their business. 

We don’t ‘hold’ spots for applicants, but we can put you on our waitlist to let you know when new slots become available.

We encourage you to apply only when you are really frickin ready to take serious action to overhaul your brand.

We’ve designed this methodology to work reliably to scale and grow the brands of B2B service based businesses. 

But… you have to show up and put in the work. 

We’re looking for motivated self starters who can follow instructions and are not looking for a way out before they even begin.  

If you’re not that person then this program isn’t for you. But if you are – we’re about to make some frickin’ magic.