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When Acuity came to us, they were growing fast, and so was their reputation as a company of project management legends. The problem was, they didn't look much like it. A rebrand was in order to overhaul their vision, mission, values along with their web and marketing presence.


About Acuity

When Acuity came to us, they were growing fast, and so was their reputation as a company of project management legends. The problem?

Their brand wasn’t reflecting who they were, what they stood for or the high level of quality and care they bought to every single job. They needed an overhaul – from the ground up!

The design challenge

Acuity had an epic story to tell – a company comprised of people who had known each other for years, coming together to form a team of legends to shake up and overhaul the standards of the project management industry.

They knew their service and quality was next level – but they also knew their brand wasn’t saying that about them.

With 3 directors each sharing varying views and ideas, the Firesacue task was simple – condense the essence of Acuity into an epic brand that resonated with the directors, the team and the wider industry.

The Solution

The Acuity solution hinged on bringing together the unique combination of professionalism, personal touch and their willingness to stand apart from the crowd, by standing for something – namely their passion for raising the standards for the project management industry.

Starting with a full brand strategy, a slick new logo to boot, and a fully bespoke website, their brand is a cut above the rest – which seems only fitting for a team of legends. 

The Brand Files

Tagline: Ordinary Ends Here

Brand Archetype: The Hero

Visual style: Professional, personable, stylish

Tone of voice: Direct, considerate, empowering

Favourite value: We only work with legends.

“We have been absolutely thrilled with their service and the work that they have delivered for us. Firesauce is solutions focussed and always delivers on time. We could not recommend them more highly!”

Adam Currall, Managing Director, Acuity

Making marketing magic

Working with Acuity to overhaul their brand meant taking a deep dive into their business to identify every document, template, proposal and post that needed to be refreshed with their new new branding. 

Their direction was some of our favourite – when someone tells a team of creatives to ‘just go wild’ to come up with new designs it’s always a recipe for success! 

The outcome

The Acuity brand has been a powerhouse in it’s leadership and brand awareness building over the past 2 years we’ve been supporting their website and marketing since launch – with some amazing stats to boot!