Board Matters

Industry-leading corporate governance solutions
When Board Matters came to us, all they wanted was a new website befitting of the high-quality services they offered. Instead she'd been stuck trying to get a new website live for months, to no avail! We instantly understood what they were going through and jumped in to help. A month later, we'd taken over and custom designed and built the brand new Board Matters website from the ground up.


About Board Matters

Board Matter is a specialist consultancy that for over 20 years has been providing professional, independent and meaningful governance advice, services and solutions, carefully curated for organisations of all shapes and sizes.

With a team of practising directors and executives that possess a deep understanding of the challenges faced in boardrooms, they are connected to the forefront of corporate governance in Australia and globally.

The challenge

For Board Matters, the enemy was time.

When they came to us it was because they’d been stuck for months, trying to get a new website live. 

We immediately understood that what was at stake – time is money, and with a huge campaign launching imminently, our task was clear – take over, redesign, rebuild and get the site live ASAP!

The Solution

Of course working fast didn’t mean working carelessly – we worked closely with the Board Matters team to come up with a completely bespoke design that’s wildly different from any of their competitors. 

This includes the likes of a custom logo animation and moving site pieces to give a dynamic and bold feel.

Less than 1 month after taking on the project, Board Matters launched their new site just in the nick of time for a huge NYC promotion taking place!

“Board Matters has had the pleasure of working with  Firesauce for many years, and without a doubt, they have continued to go above and beyond. From our first web design brief, to our latest one, their commitment to delivering high-quality web design services has not faltered. They are able to take our ideas and execute them perfectly to fit our branding – whether it be for online or any other assets.”

Camren Cutuli, Governance Advisory Associate, Board Matters

The outcome

When a project goes this well and looks this good, it just doesn’t make sense to part ways, right?! We have continued to work with Board Matters consistently over the last 3 years with continued website support and maintenance, and a variety of other projects!