Boston Trading Co

World’s first diversified crypto mutual fund
The new site needed to compete with the big crypto boys in quality and maturity. We delivered an engaging and informative website whilst successfully navigating through custom crypto integrations and payment pages.


About Boston Trading Co.

With a goal to simplify investing through the world’s first diversified crypto mutual fund, Boston Trading Co boasts a team of experts who bring together cutting-edge technology, deep market insights, and unparalleled dedication, to redefine the way their client’s navigate the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies.

The design challenge

The brief for this website was simple – create a website befitting that of a finance based crypto company, on the cutting edge crypto trading.

Not only did the website need to display live crypto data from a range of coins – but it also needed to inherit a huge backlog of blogs into a new, more easily digestible format.

To kick things up a notch further,  an eCommerce module was also required to enable payment processing for those looking to invest into Boston Coin, their signature currency.

The Solution

A slick new website experience was created through the use of subtle animations and improved accessibility, with a bespoke layout created for the crypto trading feed on the home page, front and centre.

Investment payment options and latest-news are now seamlessly integrated with an easy-to-use backend to boot, so that our client can continue to post, publish and distribute with ease!

“Excellent work and far more professional than what I had come to expect from other similar businesses. Luke is an artist. My site used to be a little dodgy. Now it is something to be proud of in investor meetings. The Firesauce team can give you better than what you imagine.”

Jeremy Britton, Director, Boston Trading Co.

The outcome

A highly professional website that competes with the big guns and produces an enjoyable and informative experience when using it.